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Pro Race?

Pro Race

Pro Race is the evolution and synthesis of all our hard bindings produced since 1997 that have helped our athletes to win in the World Cup and the Olympic Winter Games.
Its continuous evolution leads it to be a product of the highest quality.
Pro Race is a hard binding made from solid with CNC machining centers that makes reliability its main feature. Suitable for the expert rider who 100% stresses his equipment and that does not want to have problems.
Suitable for the world of PGS and PSL competitions.
Step-in configuration available.

  • Type: Hard Material anticorodal 100 hb 60/90 CNC
  • Size: M-L  (min 24,5-29,5 max mondo)
  • Use: Professional Race
  • Optional Step-in and front lock in Nylon
  • Anti-rotation disk blocking gasket system for a smooth ride
  • Back arch position holder system
  • Canting / lifting with inclined 3° nylon wedges
  • Adjustment with toothed millimetric system for the boot
  • Regular or Goofy adjustment at 360° that can be increased by 1°
  • Modular supports with antisnow grip with steel bailes Ø 6 mm
  • Gasket in transparent PVC that amortizes 2 mm hardness 85 shore
  • We supply all high resistance inox screws