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A timeless product made in special edition with new graphics.
Highlander is the evolution of the first race binding produced from 1997 to 2000; it maintains the plate thickness of 8mm which guarantees maximum conduction reactivity while preserving a natural flexibility during the curve.
A professional binding for extreme racers and carvers that want maximum conductivity and lamination change speed. Suitable for PGS and PSL athletes.
Step-in configuration available.
  • Type: Hard Material anticorodal 100 hb 60/90 CNC
  • Size: M-L  (min 24,5-29,5 max mondo)
  • Use: Professional Race
  • Optional Step-in and front lock in aluminium
  • New special spring back arch position
  • Canting / lifting with inclined 3° nylon wedges
  • Adjustment with toothed millimetric system for the boot
  • Regular or Goofy adjustment at 360° that can be increased by 1°
  • Modular supports with antisnow grip with steel bailes Ø 6 mm
  • Gasket in transparent PVC that amortizes 2 mm hardness 85 shore
  • We supply all high resistance inox screws